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Fault Line  - Writings for Turkey and Syria

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Fault Line - Writings for Turkey and Syria

This book is a collection of poems from 34 poets around the world. The book has been created to raise money for victims and survivors of the earthquake which struck Turkey and Syria on February 6, 2023, at 4:17 a.m.

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All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to Disaster Emergency Committee - Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal.

The book also includes a chapter on ways to include the poems into your classroom practice for any teachers who want to raise issues around this event with their students.

The illustrations for each chapter of the book were created using AI and a line or verse from each poem. The 34 images can be downloaded as a zip file along with the book.

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (97MB)
  • ZIP (70MB)

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Dat Bao

Verified Buyer

7 months ago

Dat Bao, Monash University

You become more human when you read this collection. It comes from the heart as much as it might connect with yours.

Sivakumar Sivasubramaniam ( A cherished associate of Alan Maley)

Verified Buyer

8 months ago

Fault Line

It is such an edifying experience reading the poems in the anthology. The emotions and feelings that constitute the common core of humanity are so eminently captured in them. It then reminds all of us that we are kin under the skin , if we believe that we all have the ability to help one another when we are in distress.

Alan Maley

Verified Buyer

8 months ago

Fault Line. Brilliant collection in a very good cause

Great variety of styles and points of view. Especuially liked the critical ones.