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30 Role Plays for TEFL - Second Edition + Student Workbook App

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30 Role Plays for TEFL - Second Edition + Student Workbook App

30 Role Plays for TEFL is a marvellous book full of speaking activities for students. In writing this book Pete Clements and Rich McCully have drawn on their wealth of classroom experience to design role plays that will really work in your physical or remote classroom.

The role plays cover a real variety of situations that vary from the everyday to the extraordinary.

The book also includes some tips on how to make the role plays work and some advice on how to design your own role plays for your students.

Using our digital presentations and student workbook app, these role plays can also be shared in remote classrooms or connected physical classrooms where your students have digital devices.

Each role play includes a warmer activity to help prepare students with vocabulary and get them thinking about the topic and a follow up task that can be used to get students reflecting on the role play and what they learned from it.

For physical classrooms without an internet connection teachers can print copies of the images and role cards for their students.

We hope you enjoy using these role plays with your students and that they make their language learning more enjoyable and effective.
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  • PDF (14MB)
  • PDF (3MB)

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