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10 Short Image Lessons

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Would you like your students to speak more and be more imaginative and creative?

10 Short Image Lessons is a collection of fluency activities that encourage students to think creatively and which help to build their ability to empathise with others.
  • Each short lesson is based around a beautiful image, starts with a vocabulary building activity and has a set of questions designed to make students think more deeply about the story behind the image. These questions help to encourage the students' curiosity and imagination.
  • The lessons also include creative activities that can be used for writing or speaking practice. These include role-plays, simulations and creative writing tasks.
  • Each lesson also ends with some form of follow up research task that encourages students to find out more about the images and topics that the activities deal with.
  • These short lessons can be used in full to form the basis of a fluency lesson or they can be used in part as warmers or fillers to get students speaking and thinking in English.
  • Each lesson also includes a digital presentation that can either be shared using a projector or students can access the materials on their mobile devices using a short link or QR code.
  • The QR codes can be accessed through the teachers’ presentation.
You will get a PDF (19MB) file

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1 month ago


The guided questions that come with each image draw out student discussion. They challenge the students to push their vocabulary beyond what they normally use.

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