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10 Business English Lessons: Managing

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10 Business English Lessons: Managing is a collection of motivating and interactive short lessons that help students to develop their communication and conversation skills for the real world of business.

This book is for Business English teachers. The aim of the book is to provide teachers with informative and motivating content that will work in the virtual and physical classroom, both on interactive whiteboards and mobile devices.

The book includes a Classroom App to help you access the materials.

The content is aimed at intermediate or higher level English students who want to develop a better ability to discuss issues around managing staff within a business.

  1. Leadership vs Management
  2. Things Managers Do
  3. 4 Management Styles
  4. Your Management Style
  5. Body Language
  6. Workplace Ethics
  7. Stress in the Workplace
  8. Work and Motivation
  9. Theory X & Y Managers
  10. Virtual Management

The book includes discussion tasks, interactive vocabulary building activities, listening and reading activities, role plays and problem-solving tasks.

The book can be used either as a complete short course or lessons and activities can be used as supplementary materials in existing courses.

This purchase includes:
  • Teacher's Guide (PDF)
  • Digital versions of all lesson materials
  • Classroom App installation instructions
We hope you enjoy this product.

Nik Peachey
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1 year ago

Managing Review and suggestion

I have downloaded a few different lessons from Peachey and am very happy so far.
I am looking for course that is designed to help students with presentation skills. Hoping you can help with that . Thank you

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