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Conversation & Listening - Book 2 - Blended Learning Edition

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This book has been designed as a teachers’ guide to the use of the digital and interactive materials from the second 10 units of the Conversation & Listening series.

The book contains the step-by-step instructions outlining how to use the materials and presentations and implement the activities in each stage of the lesson units.

The Conversation & Listening series was designed to help and encourage young adult English language students  (B1/B2 or higher) to engage in conversation and interaction around a range of common topics and in a range of situations that will be of interest to them.

The book also includes a digital workbook for students that they can use on their mobile phone to access the classroom materials, make notes and do dome of the additional interactive tasks.

Each unit contains materials for 90 -120 mins contact time and an additional 60+ mins interactive self-study materials.

Unit Topics
  1. A Good Book - To enable students to discuss different types of books.
  2. A Night Out - To enable students to talk about different places they like to go in the evening.
  3. My Goals - To enable students to talk about their goals in life and their attitudes to achieving their goals.
  4. My Sense of Humour - To enable students to discuss their sense of humour and describe different types of humour.
  5. The Dancer - To enable students to share their opinions and experiences of dance.
  6. The Gamer - To enable students to discuss their experiences of a range of issues around video games.
  7. The News - To develop students’ abilities to think more critically about news and how they access it.
  8. The Story - To develop students’ abilities to tell stories and anecdotes.
  9. The Tattoo - To enable students to talk about body art, how it is viewed in different cultures and why people have tattoos.
  10. The Vegan - To develop students’ ability to discuss the types of food they like and their attitudes to eating meat.
Physical and remote classroom use
The materials have been designed to be use- friendly for both the physical and the remote classroom with audio files built into the slides and a wide range of materials that students can scan onto mobile devices or open in a browser tab to make listening or role play type activities easier to manage.

Blended learning
The blended learning activities that are included in each unit are intended to extend the students learning and help to develop their learner independence. The activities can be used at the discretion of the teacher either in a flipped way to prepare students for the lessons or to consolidate and extend what students have learned during the lessons. These activities have been developed to help students develop their writing skills, activate their vocabulary, improve their pronunciation and further develop their listening skills. Each unit contains at least 5 interactive activities that students can do either on their computer or mobile device.

The materials use visually rich images, audio monologues and creative and engaging tasks to help students develop empathy with others and approach the development of their language skills in a personal and intimate way.

Each unit includes a number of tasks that move students through brainstorming and activating their collective vocabulary to discussion and listening tasks that require them to use language in a creative way to talk about themselves, their opinions, views, preferences and beliefs.

Listening comprehension tasks encourage students to respond to the speaker in a more personal way, so students are encouraged to find common ground with the speaker by looking for how they are similar to them.

Each unit progresses towards some form of discussion, role play or simulation which gives students the opportunity to use language and the knowledge they have developed in a more creative way.

Each unit ends with a reflection task that encourages students to think about what they have learned and how they will remember, share and use it. This is also an opportunity for the teacher to get some feedback about what the students enjoyed and valued about the lessons and the materials.
You will get the following files:
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