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Hacking Creativity

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Techniques, Exercises and Activities for the Creative Language Classroom

This book (105 pages + 30 digital presentations) is for language teachers who want to develop their own and their students' creative skills while teaching languages.

Creativity has a key role in language learning and language use.  The ability to be creative is essential for the spontaneous production of language during conversation, but too often the language practice activities used in the classroom require little imagination or personalisation from the students.

The activities and exercises in this book are designed to address this problem by giving students the stimulation and opportunity to unlock their imagination and engage with language at a deeper and more personal level.

The book is in three sections.

The first part looks at a range of teaching techniques that you can use in any lesson to help develop your students' creativity.
It also includes some suggestions, examples and easy exercises for applying these in the classroom.

The second part is a collection of 30 structured activities. These include step by step instructions as well as example digital materials that you can use in the classroom.

The example materials have been designed so that you can use them on any digital device with an internet connection.

Example: Interview Images

The third part is a collection of digital tools and applications you can use with your students to help them use their creative skills to make and share digital artefacts with others around the world.

I hope you and your students will find this book an enjoyable and useful accompaniment for your everyday teaching.
You will get a PDF (11MB) file

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