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Thinking Critically through Digital Media

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I believe that the skills and abilities teachers can help students develop through the use of these materials are ones that are sadly lacking, not only in the English language classroom but also in the general education of many students around the world.

Using these materials teachers can develop intellectually critical students who approach digital media with the ability to comprehend and consume information and understand the possible bias, motivation and underlying values of those creating the information.

I believe these skills and abilities are key to creating a more tolerant, open-minded and critically aware global society.

The book has 4 chapters

Chapters 1 - 3 contain a range of activities that you can use with students to develop their abilities to understand and create infographics, develop research polls and surveys and create and deliver presentations. These activities give students hands-on exposure to a range of recommended tools and develop students as active creators of information whilst developing their abilities to work collaboratively in digital online environments.

Chapter 4 of the book is a collection of 12 lesson plans that take students through a complete process from:
  • accessing their existing knowledge of a topic
  • understanding new input
  • examining how the information fits with their existing values
  • checking the credibility and validity of the information
  • carrying out parallel research
  • sharing and reevaluating what they have learned.
You can see example classroom materials here:


You will get a PDF (24MB) file

Digital Tools for Teachers - Trainers' Edition V.2


Digital Tools for Teachers - Second Edition


Digital Video - A Manual for Language Teachers


Conversation & Listening - Book 2 - Blended Learning Edition


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Conversation & Listening - Book 1 - Blended Learning Edition


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