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Conversation & Listening - Book 1 - Blended Learning Edition

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Conversation & Listening - Book 1 - Blended Learning Edition - With digital Student Workbook

This book contains the first 10 lessons from our Conversation & Listening series. These lessons have been developed to help young adult students who are stuck at the low to mid-intermediate plateau to develop both their listening and spoken fluency. Each of the 10 units represents around 120 mins of learning materials.

The book also includes a digital workbook for students that they can use on their mobile phone to access the classroom materials, make notes and do dome of the additional interactive tasks.

Pedagogical approach
The series contains lessons on a wide range of topics that encourage students to respond to the materials in a personal and authentic way. The pedagogical approach to the use of the materials draws on a more student-centred and humanistic understanding of the way language skills are learned and developed.

Blended learning
The blended learning activities that are included in each unit are intended to extend the students learning and help to develop their learner independence. The activities can be used at the discretion of the teacher either in a flipped way to prepare students for the lessons or to consolidate and extend what students have learned during the lessons. These activities have been developed to help students develop their writing skills, activate their vocabulary, improve their pronunciation and further develop their listening skills. Each unit contains at least 5 interactive activities that students can do either on their computer or mobile device.


Physical and virtual classroom use
The materials have been designed to be use- friendly for both the physical and the virtual classroom with audio files built into the slides and a wide range of materials that students can scan onto mobile devices to make listening or role play type activities easier to manage.

Unit 1 - Study skills and habits
Unit 2 - Mobile phone and social media use
Unit 3 - Dream homes and houses
Unit 4 - Holidays and travel
Unit 5 - Music and playing an instrument
Unit 6 - Shopping and clothes styles
Unit 7 - Sport and exercise
Unit 8 - Films and going to the cinema
Unit 9 - Interviews and talking about ourselves
Unit 10 - Describing products and making presentations
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