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10 Video Shorts Lessons

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Video shorts are short video clips that in many cases contain a whole story. The shorts selected for this book are all animated clips and none have any spoken dialogue. This makes them ideal for language teaching as all communication is visual and implied, so the clips can be understood at any level, and language can be 'dropped' onto the videos by the students according to their level.

All of the videos are authentic and I have built a selection of tasks for each video clip. I've put the tasks into what I feel is a logical developmental order that will enable the maximum learning for students, but as a teacher with better knowledge of your own students you may wish to change the order of tasks.

The video clips I have chosen for the lessons are all ones that I believe students will find engaging and which have some form of underlying message which I believe will lead students to think a little more deeply. I've also designed the tasks so that there is some form of personal engagement with the students and that they are encouraged to explore their own views, values and beliefs.

Each of the ten lesson plans includes step-by-step instructions as a guide for how to use the materials and the lesson materials themselves are web-based digital presentations. You can access the presentations through the link on the first page of each plan.

In addition to the plans and presentations, there are also links to additional digital activities such as writing, summarising and reflection tasks. These tasks are best done on a computer or tablet device where the screen size is more appropriate. I have included QR codes at the beginning of each presentation though so if you wish, your students can scan the code and access the presentation. This can make working in breakout rooms in remote classrooms much easier to do as students can follow the materials on their phone or tablet.

All the lessons end with a reflection task that helps students think back and focus on what they have learned from the lesson. These can be done in the classroom as speaking activities and/or completed at home using the link. Monitoring what students write in these reflection tasks can give you valuable insights into students' learning and thinking processes.

I hope you enjoy using these lessons with your students as much as I enjoyed creating the lessons. Please send in feedback and or suggestions if you have any and look out for any updates to the book or the lessons. I like to feel that all of our lessons are work in progress and we continually try to develop and improve them as we get feedback and as new technologies become available.
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