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Who Ya Gonna Shawl? An MKAL!

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I ain't 'fraida no MKAL!

Who Ya Gonna Shawl? begain life as Lyrical Knits' 2023 MKAL and is an homage to the 80s classic Ghostbusters! There will be knitting, purling, slipping stitches, earthquakes! Volcanos! Dogs and cats living together! Mass Hysteria!

You need 4 skeins of Miss Bab's Yummy 2-ply (400 yds/110 g) in 4 different colors: C1, C2, C3, and the Contrasting Color (details below). You can easily substitute the same yardage of your favorite fingeringweight yarn. 

How it works:
It is a pattern for a generous shawl/wrap/scarf-thingy
Those purchasing the pattern during the pre-sale period (see below) will receive a planning sheet with gauge and materials info.
There were  **6 clues** for the mkal:

What Am I Getting Myself Into?

* The pattern is written for 4 full skeins of fingeringweight yarn in 4 different colors
* There is colorwork, but no brioche or stranded colorwork at all.
* The pattern is accessible for beginners and experienced knitters alike. There will be some stitches that appear other-worldly, but I’ll provide video tutorials for them.
* The shawl will be rectangular and will be a bit of a Festival of Stitches sort of thing. Some stitch patterns will be repeated, some won’t, and you’ll be able to lengthen it fairly easily in the final (6th) clue.
* There will be several movie references in the pattern, but you won’t need to get the jokes in order to work the actual shawl instructions.

What About Yarn Colors?
• 4 full skeins of 4 different colors ("C1, C2, C3, and the CC") of fingering weight that play nicely with each other. Any of them can be slightly speckled, but I wouldn't recommend it be much busier than that.
• Each skein needs to have 400 ysd or more to make sure that you have enough yarn for the project. The 400 yds includes some wiggle room.
• The shawl will include (non-stranded ) colorwork, but not all the colors need to contrast with all the others. Instead, only ONE of the colors, the CC, needs to contrast with the rest.
• “CC” is the Contrasting Colorway (might even give it the name Slimer).
• CC needs to contrast with C1, C2, and C3 since it will be used in colorwork with each of these 3 colors individually.
• C1, C2, and C3 don’t have to have much contrast with each other—they much only contrast individually with the CC.
• C1, C2, and C3 can be in a gradient (or not) but they should harmonize with each other since they will still be right next to each other in the shawl.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (1MB)
  • PDF (3MB)