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Square Route shawl knitting pattern

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This listing is for a knitting pattern (instructions) only.

Rhymes with Groot!

Just in time for mindless knitting-- A completely seamless, modular knit in 3 colors that begins with 3 separate squares that are gradually connected to each other. The garter stitch is soothing and portable while the construction keeps things fun and sleek—you’ll never have a gazillion stitches on the needles, and no huge work-in-progress flopping around on your lap until the very end of the project.

A construction tutorial gives you an overview of how the 3 squares are gradually joined to each other, and a color-me graphic included in the pattern helps you choose your colors.

2 skeins of the MC in La Bien Aimeé Merino Singles (400 yds/100g, shown in Ghost),
1 skein of CC1 in La Bien Aimeé Merino Singles (400 yds/100g, shown in Yellow Brick Road), and
1 skein of CC2 in La Bien Aimeé Merino Singles (400 yds/100g, shown in Direwolf),
or approximately,
750 yds of the MC,
315 yds of CC1, and
370 yds of CC2 in fingering weight yarn.

A Note About Yardage: This shawl is designed to use up enough of the 2 skeins of the MC and still leave you a little wiggle room. Please be aware that if you’re working to a slightly different (blocked) gauge, you may need more or less yardage than required for the pattern. In my case, the pre-blocked gauge for the single ply yarn was actually 21.5 sts/4”, and then blocked to 20.5 sts/4”. Your mileage may vary, however, with plied yarns or yarns with different fiber content.
If you knit to a tighter gauge than the pattern, you are likely to use less yarn; if you knit to a wider gauge than the pattern, you are likely to use more yarn. If you are concerned about running out of the MC, however, you can easily work around this by working the Garter Arrow Rows on Square 3 at the end of the project. Just skip over these rows after completing Square 3 and proceed to the “Join Square 2 to Square 3” section instead.
You will get a PDF (1MB) file

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