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The Knights Who Say KNIT!

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This listing is for the knitting pattern (pdf instrutions) only.

**The Mystery Knit-A-Long that is not dead yet!**

For Payhip purchasers: I'm offering this mkal pattern here to make it accessible to those who cannot use Ravelry.  It's challenging to work a mystery knitalong pattern release off of Ravelry since other sites (Payhip included) don't offer automatic updates to purchasers, but what I'll do in order to make this work for you is to collect email addresses with each purchase, and then email the new Clue pdfs to all purchasers on the day that each new clue drops.  This will inevitably mean a slight delay compared to Ravelry, and there will probably be a glitch or two.
Still, I'm committed to making this accessible for you, and so if for any reason you don't receive your clue, please be patient, and of course contact me at the email address listed at the bottom of the Planning Sheet if you don't receive your new pdf on the clue dates listed below.

The mystery part of the shawl has been revealed, and the full pattern (as well as individual clues) is now available with this purchase.

*I seek the finest and silliest knitters to join me in a this quest for the grail! You have proven yourself worthy--Will you join us? There will be coconuts! Unladen swallows! **And you must bring us....a SHRUBBERY!***
This Very Silly MKAL is for a shawl, and I'll go ahead and tell you that it's rectangular with a fun construction. It's a "festival of stitches" sort of project that will feature several different stitch patterns, many of which will be repeated in the project, and some that make only a cameo appearance (Zoot would understand).

There will be some texture, a bit of lace, and colorwork that involves slipping stitches (but no stranded colorwork or brioche). You'll need to do general increases decreases, slip stitches, locate shurbberies....but there will be a few video tutorials for a few unusual or unfamiliar stitches.

The project is a collaboration with Miss Babs Yarn, but it is open to all dyers and LYSs wanting to offer kits. My yarn specs are based on Babs' Yummy 2-ply yarn (400 yds/110 g skeins) and are as follows:

* 2 full skeins of a Main Color (I'm currently using a creamy natural tone). The MC will serve as a sort of palette which lets the remaining colors shine. It can be slightly speckled, but I wouldn't recommend it be any busier than that. Variegated is right out. You'll need most of these 2 skeins for the project, so be sure to have 2 full skeins, not partials.
* 6 mini skeins of various colors, ~35 grams each (basically each is 1/3rd of a full skein). These colors can be in a gradient or not--any combination works so long as each has at least a bit of contrast with the Main Color. The set I'm currently using varies from high contrast to low and all semi-solids, but these can have speckles and some light variegation. It's all good.
* Instead of the mini-skeins, you can easily substitute 2 full size skeins, in 2 different colors. This way, kits can be 2 skeins of the MC, 1 skein of CC1, 1 skein of CC2. CC1 and CC2 don't have to contrast with each other because they won't be worked together in the project that way. these can be speckled or even highly variegated--just make sure they contrast with the MC enough to see it in things like colorwork.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (3MB)
  • PDF (10MB)

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