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Niteblade #19 - Lycanthropist

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The Silver Quarter by KV Taylor
Something in the air around Severan, blacker than the rest of the candle-lit space, told him that everything had changed in one moment of thoughtless honesty. Elan and the dead noble’s sword, Severan and his angry eyes.

Three Great Loyalties by Lindsey Duncan
Surreptitiously, Canivelle rubbed her hands together. She saw a bridesmaid fidget in an attempt to ignore her goosebumps. Darkness had dropped, taking away the outside world. The pavilion filled with shadow, pressed back by funerary lanterns.

Alice by Terence Kuch
Kristin picked up on the doll’s subtle tone of command, felt uneasy. She thought back to her own childhood. The doll’s face reminded her of a little girl she’d known, years ago, named Alice.

The Cord by Chris Lewis Carter
She’s screaming louder than ever, and her words rattle inside my skull like hot coals. I’m surprised she hasn’t managed to wake the entire town by now, but none of our neighbours have so much as turned on a porch light.

It Was Limbruner by Wayne Faust
We took four more poses, climbed out, and waited. When the pictures came out this time I grabbed them first. My fingers tightened on the still-damp strips of film as I held them up.

Forbidden Fruit by Nicki Vardon
Tonight I see the silhouette climb the garden wall, crawl up the orange tree. Someone plans a trap. Another fool to capture? Another daughter to birth, nurse, and forget?

Night Music by Pete Aldin
Greg discovered over several weeks that his new friends weren’t just nice guys. They were awesome musicians in their own right, playing a style of music he’d never heard before. And their idiosyncrasies, like their penchant for low light, didn’t bother him one little bit.

Spades by Megan Arkenberg
The whole table shook as Diamonds leaned across it, his face composed as ever. Only his voice was different, tighter, dripping with venom. “You don’t want to know where I’m from, Don Ernesto. You’ve made the Devil’s deal, and unless you want to sign it in blood, you’ll pull the next card.”



The Wake of March by Dan Campbell
The Woman in the World by Patrice Wilsonh
The Coast Guard by Sonya Taaffe
A Hellbound Tragicomedy by Stephanie Smith
Lycanthropist by J.S. Watts

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