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Niteblade #33 - Island of Crows

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Bubbles and Goats by Robina Williams
He wished he had kept on driving. He could have whiled away an hour relaxing with a drink in a bar before meeting up with his friends but now he was stuck at the wrong end of a country lane with a peculiar girl with a very unpleasant toy.

The Children of Monsters by Matthew Meade
The Thing, splenetic and mean, spiteful and strong, has been made in The Master’s image, it seems.
The Garden Arch by Joshua SteelyThe arch was grim, monstrous and entrancing. Each step closer filled me with contrary sensations: longing laced with terror, mingled desire and dread.

Be Civilized: A Baba Yaga Story by Megan Branning
“Travel east into the forest, and walk for a day. You’ll know her house when you see it. It stands on chicken legs.”

The Cicadas of Okinawa by Stephanie Lorée
I listened to my home burn almost absently. I hid. I grew. I changed.

Mary by Andrea DeAngelis
I only see you through the mirror, never myself, when it was always the other way around before.


The Labyrinth by Selena Bulfinch
Island of Crows by Sandi Leibowitz
Coyote in Long Island City by Sandi Leibowitz
Sorry were those your sneakers? by Anne Carly Abad
The Mirror Window by Alicia Cole

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