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Niteblade #6 - Oh, Christmas Tree

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Intelligent Designs by Alec Cizak
It was as if Norman Rockwell himself gave birth to the polished image standing before the Reverend giving him notes.

Shop Talk by Sanford Allen
I bet one of those pinchers could have taken an arm off. Lucky I packed a big enough net.

Nightmares by J.E. Taylor
The bellow of rage fills the room as he repeatedly strikes the door, each strike sending me back further into the blackness.

Skybound by Tirumal Mundargi
I precariously balance myself on scaffold platforms, place concrete blocks side-by-side, row over row. Endlessly.

Deathbed Confessor by David Price
It was at that moment that I began to doubt my own sanity: this was the house that I stayed in, but at the same time it wasn’t.

Forthwith for Service by Christine Lucas
The cat sniffed the air and Nikanor saw in the candlelight the fresh blood smearing the ebony fur around her mouth.

Too Real by Chris Ward
“I wanted to find out something,” he said. “There’s nothing wrong with that is there?”

Oh, Christmas Tree by S. Alan Fox
For two hundred bucks he could get a tree you couldn’t tell was fake, and use it over and over again. But n-o-o-o.

I Miss You, and Other Words by Regan Blair
This was not a game and not a trick, and that made whatever Mindy had to say worth something.

An Unsuitable Replacement by Jonathan Pinnock
Mr Parkinson, basically the question is: do you want to shrug your shoulders, heave a big sigh and say, well, that’s it, it’s downhill all the way to an early death?

The Outlands by B.A. Booher
Hearing his sons, Rolan scanned the sky and saw a hawk circling in the distance. Under the circling bird, Rolan saw the bobbing heads of rider and horse.


Remedy by L.B. Goddard
The National Gossip News by Francis W. Alexander
Crash by N. C. Whitehead
out by the shed by Greg Schwartz
The Sandbox by Anna DeVine
Zombie! by Victoria Clayton Munn
Anonymous Advice to Prospective Students of the Northern Witch by Donny Wankan
My Final Masterpiece by Richard H. Fay
Dark Madonna by Joyce RichardsonT
A Moment Before, A Moment After by Brian Rosenberger

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