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Niteblade #1 - Dark Angel

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The very first issue of Niteblade.


Dark Angel by R.K. Gemienhardt
The house smelled faintly of apples and cinnamon, like a freshly baked apple pie and I paused at the dining room table and took a few minutes to place the last dozen pieces of a jigsaw puzzle into their proper place until a basket full of puppies and kittens stared back at me.

First In Might by Billy Wong
The spear drove itself through my body and caught me in the center of my breast. I fell, cart wheeling over the rump of my horse, and as I hit the hard ground face-first.

The Blindman by Steven Schutzman
There’s a single tree, a broken fence, paths crisscrossing up the hill toward the setting sun. Shadows lengthen as if reaching for each other to tie the world in a web of darkness.

Whispers by Dev Jarrett
Yes, I knew this was the opportunity you’d take to move in for a kiss, and I knew I was expected to be helplessly swept from my feet and onto your tiny bunk. So I did, feeling the heat of your mouth, the urgency of your breath, and the wiry strength of your hands.

Hell on Earth by David Price
There’s an infestation of ants on my landing, some of them the size of rats. No one else seems to see them, but there’s something strange about the lady who lives down the corridor from me: something about her eyes.

The Midnight Men by Lee Moan
The full moon, shining brilliantly in a cloudless sky, lit the street in an eerie silver glow. Despite the steady rumble of the huge car, no one else in the street seemed to be interested in the Robinson’s business.

To Play a Black Guitar by Rhona Westbrook
Every step toward the second floor intensified the agony burning in her body and soul. Samantha fought to breathe, fought to climb and fought to keep from stopping. She ached for the calm serenity that lay behind the door to her room in the arms of a black guitar.

Dragon Bait by David McLain
At the bar, the dragon took a puff off on its cigarette and put it out on the side of his ale. With its large red tail and green leathery wings it looked a little like a jalapeño pepper. It peered at the stripper and smiled, which made it’s face form a large, devilish V.

Bridging the Void by John Saxton
But candles melt away; fires burn down to nothing. And I am left with this gaping void that sits in the location where my heart once dwelt.

Magic Beans by Aurelio Rico Lopez III
That’s when he noticed it. At first, Jack thought it was a snake that had somehow managed to enter the house, and he almost cried out. But then he noticed the small leaves along the slender, green stalk.

Shine On by J.A. Tyler
Draynor stepped back from the window in a rush, closed his eyes tightly, and took a deep breath. And when he went back to the window, the view was the same. Nothingness.

For Necessity Hath No Law by Sean M. Foster
We’ll figure it out. You need to know when to fight and you need to know when to run. There’s nothing shameful about running when you can’t win a fight.

Sister Margaret by Rhonda Parrish
Vampires, like most animals, are pretty predictable. And they’re paranoid. They like to put their coffins at the lowest, darkest point of the building they are sleeping in, and though they often ward the room with spells, they never let anyone else in it — not even to guard them while they sleep.



Diary of Death by Alexis Child
Skin on Skin by David Buchan
Metal Vamp by James Dorr
I Am Below by Ramona Thompson
The Pumpkin Man by Greg Schwartz
Cut by Kristine Ong Muslim
High-Flying by James Dorr
Fantasyku by Richard H. Fay
Hall of Shadows by Greg Schwartz
Siren Call by N. C. Whitehead
Unacceptable by Gerald Huml
The Scorpion Ankh by Elizabeth Barrette

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