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Niteblade #4 - The Gnome's Spectacles

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Reflections by Rob Crandall
They looked like tiny gargoyles, with their mouths open, as if they were moaning or screaming.

Lady by Aaron Clifford
The cancer spread at a phenomenal rate. Lady’s new lease on life was terminated at the point of a pentobarbital filled needle.

Tempest by Rebecca McNulty
She thinks she has control, but I am master: I draw her forward; I push her back.

The End of It All by Tom Conoboy
It stole around a couple of small neighbouring encampments when no-one was expecting it, no-one except the children, and by morning they had been swept away.

Midnight Hugs by Michael A Kechula
The fine print stipulated if he ever uttered a word about the experiment, the scientist would sue.

Dan’s Blaze by Matthew Longo
Hours later, Mark is explaining to the police why, exactly, he needed to wrestle a kid to the ground for insulting his mother.

Jesus Virus by S.V.Joyal
Sometimes, extreme stress and pressure cause tiny electric circuits in your brain to short out.

The Justice of William Christopher by Chris Hlad
He didn’t believe in reincarnation either. You lived, you died, period.

Ritual by Chaz Siu
You used to crawl in the narrows for hide-and-go-seek, playing between warped floorboards and the sog of Mississippi silt.

Women of Straw by Kyle Hemmings
In the cold, she would wrap me in a warm, thick blanket, pretending I was her child. How things changed.

Sequestering Evil by Marshall Payne
The guilt assailed him fully now. Aye, victory, but at what cost?

Zombie Nation by Scott Barnes
Once in a day the addict can say no, but not a second time.

Edges by Kurt Kirchmeier
“Someday the coach’ll call you in and offer you an edge. When he does, say no.”



The Dreadlobster by Joshua Parmenter
Marriage Through the Looking Glass by Linda Ann Strang
Bowlers of Emergent Barristers by Sean Ruane
Corpse−Candles by Richard H. Fay
Political Correctness and Witchcraft by Amanda Blackburn
World Without Words by Noel Sloboda
Intergalactic Rocker by William Landis
Illuminating Hell by Christopher Hivner
Underground by Jennifer Crow
Barren Wombs by Chelsea Dodson
The Gnome’s Spectacles by Chris Burdett
Wicked Love by J.R. Pearson
Warning: The Airlock is Ajar! by Terrie Leigh Relf

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