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Niteblade #2 - Carousel

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The Rusalka by Ian R. Faulkner
Worried, Becky reached out and clicked on her bedside lamp, sitting up and turning towards Alex in same instance, his name on her lips.

The Book of Dreams by Chris Ward
He heard movement from behind him, and swung around, heart pounding. The girl stood near the window, moonlight framing her from behind.

The Wanderer’s Anamnesis by Sean M. Foster
Farther and farther into the forest Suĥ hiked. His body became a knot of ache and numbness. On several occasions he stopped to yell for Sąta, but his efforts yielded no reward.

Demons and Gin by Joanne Anderton
Blinking, leaning precariously over the rail, Ralanous tried to think. A blockage then. Just a simple blockage. But that was all they needed.

The Seventh Day by Patrick Hurley
The calliope melody reminded me of childhood travels to Coney Island, and I soon saw why. With the fog gone, the will o’ wisps had dwindled into neon lights of Ferris wheels and merry-go-rounds awaiting on shore.

Reunion by Kurt Reichenbaugh
The night air bit into me and my legs started shaking. I fought against a shameful loss of bladder control; something that surprised me.

Where No One Can Follow by Alison J. Littlewood
I daren’t cross through the centre, fearing that eyes were looking at me from every side, hiding behind the stones; or maybe it was the stones themselves that watched.

Lost and Found by Peter Tennant
For a moment Stephenson didn’t know what she was talking about, but then he saw it off to their right, a thick wall of billowing fog that the wind was propelling towards them.

Red Engine by Bret Tallman
A series of chrome amulets had been bolted to its sides and sigils were etched into every surface. Grief removed the glove, touched the handlebars and felt a deep throb, a dark frequency of magic.

A Story of Kindness by Carmelo Rafala
Yes, it is a dark time indeed, my friends, and more reason why you should trade for some of these items. Could mean your very survival! I have everything anyone might need here.

Servant of the Gods by A. J. Kenning
And the sun was burning down upon us. And the sand scraped at the claws of my feet. And there was the thick taste of blood in my mouth.

Brothers of Star and Sword by Ursula Warnecke
Behind them darkness swallowed the cell doors, and only the skitter of rats and the scrape of chains broke the silence.

Carousel by Wayne Summers
Fiona frowns and turns her head as far as she can in the direction of her father. Her little heart skips a beat, but the horses have started and there is no escaping them now.



The Night Silent by Christoper Hivner
Book of Dimensions by Richard H. Fay
Tragedy by N. C. Whitehead
The Puddle by Janie Hofmann
Eternal Love Song by Lindy Ryan
The Spiders in the Sky by Richard Pitaniello
One Last Kiss by Stephanie Bonvissuto
Dear Jack by By Jessica Hayden
Gift Horse by Greg Schwartz
Imaginarium by Aurelio Rico Lopez III
Unrequited Love by John Hayes
The Circus in the Sky by Terrie Leigh Relf
How to console the dead? by Beth Langford


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