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Niteblade #15 - First Loves for the First Time

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The Edge of Town by D.X. Cooper
But there was something sweet, a sound halfway between chiming and singing that I hadn’t heard while the sun was up.

Zombie War by Greg Schwartz
We heard rumors last night of a massive force approaching from the south, and I don’t know that we’ll be able to hold them back this time.

The Pill by L.M. Stull
Struggling, pulling harder against the earth, allowing it to cut deep into my skin, I began to make it to the top of the hole.

Numbers by Joseph Zieja
Combat was all numbers. Angles, distances, force, and speed. That was something the last six months of being a fugitive had taught him.

The Station by Nick Kolakowski
@EWT89 Try and call me please or email
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Running Empty in a Land of Decay by Damien Walters Grintalis
Curse me for a fool, even when all I saw were bodies, bloodstains on pavement, and torn clothing blowing in the wind like farewell handkerchiefs, I kept running, hoping I’d find someone else.


Ten Thousand Crows by G. O. Clark
Rules for Playing Hide and Seek in a Cornfield by Jamie Wasserman
The Book Mark by Brian Rosenberger
First Loves for the First Time by Keith Kennedy

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