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Niteblade #12 - Flea Market Zombies

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Icarus Redux by Elissa Malcohn
Feathers flew about him with each puff of his breath. He coughed as the tiny ones entered his lungs. Larger feathers clung to his blood-drenched skin and made it itch.

Sympathetic Noose by Iris Macor
You didn’t need to ask, you look at the dead branches and you know. It has a story to tell, and though you weren’t there, it promises you might have been, you can be.

Woman Called Witch by Doug McIntire
I turned my head to look. Standing there in the door was an old woman. It was just one of those things, so out of place, that I had a hard time wrapping my mind around what I was seeing.

The Little Girl and the Balloon by Ben Loory
Yes, said the mother. Yes, in fact it is. The balloon is dangerous and we must all stay inside.

Shinigami by Benel Germosen
The ball bounces down the hall towards me at a steady rhythm, as if dribbled by an unseen hand. It slows and rolls and comes to rest at my feet. In the hallway there is nothing and no one except for my pounding heart and me.

Basement Shade by Bill Ratner
I stared at the almost invisible blonde eyebrows over his lined, tired face, and his empty gray eyes, and I thought… this is what it’s like to go insane.

Survivalist by Kevin Brown
Men’s faces tiger-striped in shadow, they’re every face of every soldier of every war ever fought. Shell-shocked and battle-rocked.

Stoke The Fires by Brad Chacos
Occupied faces never notice the stars etched into the balloons bouncing above. Distracted minds never ponder the circular patterns coiled in the cobblestones underfoot.



Lycanthropia by Simon A. Thalmann
Flea Market Zombies by Brian Rosenberger
Star Seed’s Arietta by Linda D. Addison
Mid-City Amusements by Alec B. Kowalczyk

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