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Niteblade #23 - Blodeuwedd

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Infectious by Lilah Wild
No ambulance appeared, no uniformed professionals to take charge of the situation. Of course not. The electric eyes in the Last Districts only reported infractions. They’d never been programmed to summon help.
Locket by Kristi DeMeesterYou both cried. Then you locked her up in gold. Tiny pieces of her. Just enough to remember. Small bits of her bones, and blood, and teeth poured into something pretty.

For the Dead Travel Fast by Ramón Paso
Death is fascinating, but only if it is somebody else’s. I stood with my last bit of strength and ran as fast as a man like me can: a man who eats whatever he wants, a man who wouldn’t find the door of the gym not even if he could win one million dollars, and who never says “no” to another beer, but who doesn’t wanna die.

The Whipping Tree by Pete Aldin
A smaller number of people whispered that the Tree was a gift from a merciful god, its roots lapping up the blood to hold the spirits for blessed release into another brighter Age.

Letting Go of the Children and Moving On by kaolin fire
First one, then another, reached for the sky, wings twitching then flowing, finding the currents, testing their newly-formed muscles. They cried out, harsh, piercing.


before by Lynn Hardaker
Destination by Ken Poyner
Gathered Augury by S. Brackett Robertson
The Storm Rises by Dan Campbell
Blodeuwedd by Virginia M. Mohlere

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