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Niteblade #3 - The Minotaur's Breath

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Instant Message by William Argyle
She still had tears in her eyes. Her thin jacket flapped above her head like nylon wings.

The Seals by Eric S. Brown
The sun had become a sickly shade of green and monstrosities on leathery wings swam through the black clouds above.

The Glamour by Lee Moan
Wendy felt the heat rise in her face, and the fingers of her left hand instinctively covered the scar.

Killing Mittens by Milan Smith
Besides, how was I supposed to spend my time feeling bad about Marion, if I had to spend it worrying about Mittens?

Philosopher Quinn by Jens Rushing
There we will set upon the hapless merchants, seizing their goods and violating their senses of self-respect!

Joy by David Buchan
At one end of the object, a pale face, feminine and beautiful, looked up at me, blinking.

Prison Darkness by Nathanael Green
But one never really can tell what’s real and what’s not here in the lonely darkness, you know?

Bad Time by Rick McQuinston
“Mommy, why does there have to be a bad time?”

What We Give by BD Wilson
It’s hard to tell in the low light, with the dark clouds hiding the first strains of dawn, but I think my skin is fading.

Saving Evan by Anthony Beal
I laughed reflexively, used the still-smoking revolver at the end of my arm to wave him off, not knowing the reason for the terrified flaring of his nostrils.

The Sickening Thud at the End of it All by Jonathan C. Parrish
The long sentence with one sound was punctuated with an exclamation point of breaking branches and a sickly thud.

Merman by Lindy Ryan
I walked slowly towards the edge of the sands, saying goodbye with every step, knowing with a strange peace that I would never stand on the earth again.

Familiar Distortion by Dev Jarrett
The blackness in the mirror becomes flat, then viscous and swirling. Its inky opacity sucks the surrounding light.



Oil Change by Greg Schwartz
Resurrected by Doc Blood
County Hospital, 4am by Christopher Hivner
My Lovely Lady Sleeps by Adam Drew Davis
Something Worse by Brian Rosenberger
Magic Words by Brian Rosenberger
In Bloom by Kristine Ong Muslim
Under Cover of Darkness by Guy Belleranti
Recompense Reprise by Charles A. Gramlich
And then she licked their blood by Terrie Leigh Relf
Haiku of Damocles by Anthony G. Bernstein
The Minotaur’s Breath by N. C. Whitehead
Fools’ Errands by Stephen M. Wilson

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