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Tempest in a Teapot (Psychics of Oracle Bay #6) ebook

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Welcome to Oracle Bay, the town where the psychics already knew you were coming.

Morgana has spent the last year undercover in sweater sets and pearls, searching for a magical serial killer. When she follows a lead to Ireland, she sets off an unforeseen chain of events – a death in Oracle Bay and the waking of an ancient curse. 

Donovan Davies is a thorn in Morgana’s side and possibly the killer she’s been hunting. He’s also the only one who can see past the façade she’s honed for centuries to find the way to her heart.

Morgana can’t deny the heat between them. However, she knows she’s not only risking her own life by falling in love, but the life of the one person who’s been by her side for centuries. But if they don’t find the person harvesting power with black magic, it’ll be more than her heart that’s in danger. 

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