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Seeing is Believing in Oracle Bay Digital Box Set (Psychics of Oracle Bay Books 1-4): Not in the Cards, First Hand Knowledge, Wing and a Prayer, & Belle of the Ball

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This digital boxed set includes the first four books in the Psychics of Oracle Bay series, more than 850 pages of paranormal romance, puns, gods, demons, angels, and supernatural mysteries.

Oracle Bay has always attracted the preternaturally clairvoyant. When anyone with seers’ blood in their veins steps foot in this quaint coastal town, their powers awaken. They receive a visit from the Psychics Union and shenanigans ensue.

Not in the Cards: Sandy Franklin is on the run from her old life and her almost-ex-husband. Lured to Oracle Bay when she spots a classified ad for a cheap, coastal apartment above a tarot shop, Sandy signs the lease and gets more than a place to live—a gaggle of wine-drinking, pun-making seers comes part and parcel with her new home and newer abilities.

The one thing Sandy couldn't predict was how hard she'd fall for Vincent, the one man who could crush Oracle Bay and make her house of cards come tumbling down.

First Hand Knowledge: Misty Greene, born and raised in Oracle Bay, is the de facto head of the Psychics Union. She’s content to run the annual Autumn Bazaar and spend time with the close-knit group of oracles that deliver uncannily accurate fortunes to the town’s tourists and residents.

Secrets, a mysterious stranger, and some missing goats push Misty and Joseph McEwan – the town crank, goat farmer, and the constant thorn in Misty’s side since they were in high school – together, then put their romance and their lives in danger.

Wing and a Prayer: Andy Sterling, former fallen angel has been cast out of heaven and hell and is hiding in plain sight in Oracle Bay. He’s been happy to brew award-winning beer, tease the local psychics, and settle into the obscurity of small-town life.

A Halloween scuffle instigated by some rowdy angels sets a series of events into motion, and soon his small-town obscurity is threatened by an apocalypse. This time, the world isn’t the only thing on the line—Andy has his heart to guard as well.

Belle of the Ball: Drew Hardy, the local crystal ball reader, is recovering from the latest apocalypse by making eyes at his ex-boyfriend, Bill and hoping a rekindled romance is in his future. When a series of crimes start plaguing Oracle Bay and threatening his second chance with Bill, Drew channels his favorite fictional detectives, dons his deerstalker, and sets out to discover who is driving up the crime rate in this sleepy oceanside village.

With their powers on the fritz and an unusual party atmosphere permeating the town, the psychics are having a difficult time figuring out who’s to blame before anyone else gets hurt.

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