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Elements of Surprise (Psychics of Oracle Bay #7) ebook

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Welcome to Oracle Bay, the town where the psychics already knew you were coming.

Morgana is recovering from the events of the last couple months, rebuilding her power, and mending her broken heart. But a text from the man she’d pushed away puts Oracle Bay back in the crosshairs. This time, the dark witch is looking for more than power – she’s looking for revenge.

When the power-mad witch murders someone under Morgana’s protection, the hunt becomes even more urgent. She has to push aside her fear to work with the man who holds her heart. And she has to do it without giving in to the feelings that are drawing them even closer together.

The hunt spans three countries and leaves Morgana constantly one step behind. When there’s nowhere else to turn, she’s forced to trust her instincts and her friends if she wants to find the strength to save the people she loves. One misstep will leave Oracle Bay vulnerable, and this time, it isn’t only her heart that’s on the line.

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