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First Hand Knowledge (Psychics of Oracle Bay #2) ebook

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Welcome to Oracle Bay, the town where the psychics already knew you were coming.

Misty likes to keep busy. She runs her small business empire of, organizes the annual Autumn Bazaar, and crafts puns and eerily accurate predictions with her psychic friends. But when Joseph pulls his prized goat milk soaps from the bazaar, Misty is left with no choice but to confront the town crank and her former crush.

Joseph has alienated nearly everyone in town, including the woman he used to have feelings for, all to protect a dark family secret. But when his prize goat goes missing, Misty is the only one who can solve the mystery that goes deeper than lost livestock.

Misty and Joseph will have to overcome years of bad blood to solve the mystery of the missing magical goats, save Oracle Bay, and give their budding a love a chance to grow.

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