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The Dummy Did It, audio book

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Pelican Harbor is starting to look festive with Halloween displays, but Piper Avery stumbles onto a gruesome discovery; a dead body. And it has nothing to do with holiday decorations.

When Piper and Daisy, her diva dog, arrive to talk to Samuel Weston about his art, they find him murdered - behind the locked doors of his office. And sitting in the chair by the body is Samuel's ventriloquist dummy; a cruel note pinned to it.

But this isn't the only discovery Piper makes. Her youngest son is also staying at the Weston home, and he is romantically involved with Samuel's granddaughter. Plus, Joel and his K-9 partner, Scout, have arrived to talk to the victim, and it's not about art.

Now Piper and Joel must work together to find a killer. And they must work fast; before Piper's son is blamed for the murder, or worse, another murder happens. With Halloween just around the corner, it seems like someone is trying to pin the blame on the ventriloquist dummy. Can Piper and Daisy crack the case before the killer strikes again?

Don't miss this exciting and suspenseful addition to the Mrs. Avery's Adventures series!

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