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Storytime Series e-Book Set (Ahadith, Du'aa, & Good Manners)

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Book Count: 9
Total Page Count: 308
Trim Size: 8.5" x 8.5"
Format: e-Book (PDF download)
Recommended for KG-3rd Grade

Each e-book in the Ad-Duha Institute Storytime Series features an ayah (verse from the Qur'aan) or Sahih hadith about good character, morals, or manners followed by a fun, fictional story to help reinforce the reminder.  
Illustrated in brilliant full color (no images of humans or animals), these stories are just the right length for school time, naptime, bedtime, or anytime you want to snuggle up with your children and teach them a quick reminder about the deen, Insha-Allah. 

This 9 e-book set focuses on teaching daily ad'iyaa (supplications), good manners, and righteous behavior. Topics covered include responsibility, cleanliness, patience, truthfulness, generosity, honoring mothers, and Muslim manners for eating, sleeping, and sneezing.

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Special Features:
  • Engaging illustrations (no human or animal images)
  • Excellent lessons in good character and behavior from the Qur'aan and Sahih Ahadith
  • Entertaining rhymes to make learning memorable for young children
  • English translation and transliteration for all Arabic text
  • Footnotes explaining specific terms or Islamic concepts for new Muslims or non-Muslims
  • Recipe and an art project activity (Meatloaf Monday & Unicorn Sneezes)
  • The newest book in the series, Unicorn Sneezes, just added!
What's Included:

#1 The Lazy Shepherd of Pinata: Responsibility
#2 Sleepytime in Slumberwood: Du'a for Sleeping
#3 Ming-Ming the Panda: Cleanliness
#4 Maha Makes Du'a: Patience
#5 The Mysterious Pizza Muncher of Meatball Corner: Truthfulness
#6 Bubbles the Greedy Blue Bunny: Generosity
#7 Meatloaf Monday: Du'a for Eating
#8 Aneesa's Surprises: Honoring Mothers
#9 Unicorn Sneezes: Du'aa for Sneezing

Copyright Notice:
Ad-Duha's mission is to help families provide their children with quality Islamic materials. Therefore, we ask that our customers help us in this task by honoring the copyright so that the school can stay financially viable (i.e., cover the costs of development, production, and marketing) through the legitimate sale of our products.

Purchasing books entitles you to use the books in your own home for yourself and your children. It does not grant ownership of the copyright or permission to make copies of the books for others in any form.

Please be aware that posting these books online, transferring them to a third-party printer/copier to be printed, sharing through email, or making additional copies (digital or print) for others outside your household (for free or for sale) is a breach of the copyright.

Any right not specifically mentioned herein is reserved by Ad-Duha Institute. For more information on copyright law in Islaam, please see the Copyright and Terms of Use link below (scroll down to the Fataawa Section):
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (21MB)
  • PDF (18MB)
  • PDF (19MB)
  • PDF (15MB)
  • PDF (11MB)
  • PDF (20MB)
  • PDF (10MB)
  • PDF (12MB)
  • PDF (20MB)

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