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Perfecting the Pillars e-Book Set (Tawheed, 99 Names of Allah, & Salaah)

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Book Count: 10
Total Page Count: 1,294
Trim Size: 8.5" x 10" 
Color: Full Color (books) | Black & White (Coloring Books)
Recommended for KG-5th Grade
(KG-2nd Grade as a read-along with an adult, 3rd-5th Grade for independent study.)

The Perfecting the Pillars ten-book series (8 textbooks and 2 Names of Allah coloring books) teaches students about the first two pillars of Islaam, Shahaadah (witnessing to the oneness of Allah, including understanding His 99 names) and Salaah. The other three pillars of Islaam will be covered in the remaining six books of the series, which are currently under development.

The lessons in this series are based on short stories that make learning the facts of the topic more enjoyable. The stories feature young children that the student can identify with and take place in different countries  (i.e., America, Saudi Arabia, Egypt) to give students a world view of Islaam.

The stories also feature different economic and social environments to allow students to see different family structures and situations (i.e., nuclear family, orphans, needy people, widows, and interracial families).

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Book Features: 

  • Qur’aan and Hadith references
  • Highlighted vocabulary
  • Review Section 
  • Illustrations (no animals/humans)
  • Glossary of Arabic terms

Muhammad & Maryam Summary:

In this first book of the series, your child will be introduced to Muhammad and Maryam, five-year-old twins who want to learn about Tawheed (belief in the unique oneness of Allah). Their mom and dad get them started by teaching short lessons about how Allah is the creator of everything (Tawheed Ar-Rooboobeeyyah) and how Allah is the only one we should worship (Tawheed Al-Ooloohiyyah), two of the three parts of Tawheed. 

A starry sky at bedtime, a springtime walk in the arboretum, Sr. Haleema's cookies in Qur'aan class, and even going on a garden bug hunt with their cousins are all opportunities to learn more about Allah and Tawheed. 

In Muhammad & Maryam Part 2, the twins continue to learn about the three parts of Tawheed, including lessons on all the ways we can worship Allah (Tawheed Al-Ooloohiyyah) and understand His Beautiful Names (Tawheed Al-Asmaa' was-Seefaat). Along the way, you will meet new friends and family like Uncle Mustapha as he prepares to make Hajj, Dr. Jameela as she prescribes some medicine for the soul, and Maryam's friends as they learn about Tawheed during a delectable ice cream sundae party! 

Ibraheem & Imaan Summary:

A young orphan named Ibraheem is intrigued when he discovers that his great-grandfather, Abdul-Aziz, has made a series of paintings of the names of Allah. Join him as his grandmother, Imaan, teaches him about the Asmaa' Ul-Husnaa through lessons from the Qur'aan and Sunnah. Along the way, meet his best friend, Saud, and his playful pet tabby cat, Bundook!

In Ibraheem & Imaan Part 2, Ibraheem has grown up and continues his journey to understand the names of Allah with his best friend, Aymaan, while attending the University of Madinah. Join him as he begins to paint his own calligraphy of the Asmaa' Ul-Husnaa with the help of his professor, Shaykh Saalih while studying the meaning of each name in the light of the Qur'aan and Sunnah. Grandma Imaan, as always, is there to guide and support him along the way, as are new friends such as Br. Abdul-Maalik, the headteacher at a local orphanage. He has an eager class of adorable students who love Ibraheem's stories about Allah...and a mischievous little rabbit named Cakepop!

Khaalid & Khadijah Summary:

Ibraheem is all grown up, married, and working as an Imaam in the local masjid. His children, Khaalid and Khadijah (11 and 12 years old) are beginning their own journey to explore the Beautiful Names of Allah.  Your child will join them as they face new adventures like the birth of a new baby, making dawah, facing discrimination, and much more. Along the way, your child will enjoy meeting Khadijah's delightful kitten, Pasha, and Khaalid's soccer-playing best friend, Musa. 

In Khaalid & Khadijaa Part 2, Khaalid and Khadijah are all grown up and continuing their journey to explore the Beautiful Names of Allah through the art of calligraphy and in-depth Qur'aanic study. Your child will join them as they face new adventures like planning a wedding, navigating college, helping to homeschool their younger siblings, and even welcoming a new baby to the family!   

Fatimah & Fuaad Summary:

This time, the short stories feature sister and brother Fatimah and Fuaad as they learn how to perform the Salaah (daily prayers). The children live with their mother, who is homeschooling them, and father, who is a student at the Islamic University in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. Your child will come along with them as they interact with their Qur'aan teacher, Br. Hussaam, their grandmother, Jaddah, and Imaam Khaalid all help them learn valuable lessons on how to perform the Salaah correctly and love it at the same time.

In Fatimah & Fuaad Part 2, continue the adventures with Fatimah and Fuaad as they learn even more about Salaah, like the correct way to perform each position, what they should recite, and how to handle special situations. But that's not all! This time around, your child will also get to meet Fatimah's friend, Jameelah, balancing a bowl on her back to learn about Rukoo', Khaalah Haleema on her way to Umrah teaching the children about Q'asr and Jam' prayers, and Hajjah Asma teaching about Khooshoo' with cookies! 

What's Included: 

  • Muhammad & Maryam Part 1 
  • Muhammad & Maryam Part 2

  • Ibraheem & Imaan Part 1 
  • Ibraheem & Imaan Part 2
  • Asmaa' Ul-Husnaa Coloring Book (A)
    (Names of Allah 1-40)

  • Khadijah & Khaalid Part 1 
  • Khadijah & Khaalid Part 2
  • Asmaa' Ul-Husnaa Coloring Book (B)
    (Names of Allah 41-99)

  • Fatimah & Fuaad Part 1 
  • Fatimah & Fuaad Part 2

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