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How do you write copy for websites, social media and emails that attracts clients like a magnet? How do you write your copy in a way that makes people click 'buy'? 

There are so many questions and things to learn - but it is not as hard as you may think. With a few magic tricks and rules of thumb, this workbook will level up your copywriting skills in no time.

This is a self-guided course in book format. 20 pages of exercises, writing prompts, and bite-size tips and tricks to improve your copywriting for your business.

Copywriting is something many find tricky. In fact, most people find it quite hard. But it is KEY to build trust, and get your message across to potential clients.

Words can be worth gold....or completely miss the point.

In this 20-page Workbook, I will take you through several exercises to quickly improve your writing. See it as a self-guided course in book format.

  • Fine-tune your core message, know your audience, and understand how to capture your reader's attention.
  • Practice writing different types of copy, and think outside the box.
  • Get templates and structures for different types of text, including an About page and blog posts.
  • Receive tips and tricks for creating and repurposing content for your business. 

What others say about the Workbook:

"I have learned what I need to do in order to write awesome copy but also what I shouldn't do, which is also very important! Nina breaks down the process to step by step so it is easier to get a clear message and what to write so you don't waste time. Nina provides examples and ideas so you can start writing your blog, offer, service, website as soon as you finish the workbook! Thank you for this Nina!" - Tally Hershko, Pilates teacher, Valencia


I believe marketing should be joyful, and I will help you feel more confident about copywriting.

After working through the book, you will understand how to structure a text, how to write in a more engaging way, and how to create content that reads well and sparks interest. 

No more rambling, guessing and random shooting from the hip...let's use better words to reach our goals!

Let's go! 😀

You will get the following files:
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