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Wheel V1.1 - Ears & tail

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Ears & tail replacement for female Miqo'te

30/08/2023 V1.1 UPDATE - Newly added things will be written in red in the following description

  • "Bellifontain ears" reshaped
  • "Bellifontain ears" weighted (now works with animations)
  • New ears & tail highlights (now works with completely separated textures)
  • Tail tip highlight option (the tip of the tail has been put on different UV islands)
  • Re-weighted tail to move better with animation (vanilla & custom)
  • Manually made backfaces for ears & tail (no engine generated backfaces, smoother AO)
  • Reworked ears & tail base (redid normal & multi maps so they have their own, not visible to users)
  • "Chantilly ears" are now "Petit Suisse" ears
  • "Chantilly fluffer" ears are now "Chantilly ears"
  • Reduced modpacks size (uses common materials for less file bloating)


  • Replaces all female Miqo'te tails
  • Extra vanilla needs vanilla ear flaps
  • Petit Suisse & Chantilly covers ear flaps & most of ears fur
  • Bellifontain needs a ear flaps hider

All animations fully functional.

Compatible with vanilla earrings but fluffy parts might hide them.

"Ears only" option does not include vanilla tails.

"Tail only" version does not include ears.


  • Ears & tail version (with ribbon)
  • Ears & tail version (no ribbon)
  • Ears & vanilla tail
  • Includes an option for vanilla tails textures upscale
  • Tail only version (keeps vanilla ears)
  • Ears only version (no tail included)

  • Highlights options for ears & tail separately

  • 4 different ear shapes
  • Extra vanilla
  • Petit Suisse
  • Chantilly
  • Bellifontain
  • 8 different ears highlights
  • None
  • Classic
  • Classic reverse
  • Split
  • Split reverse
  • Special
  • Special reverse
  • Full highlights

  • 6 different tail highlights
  • None
  • Classic (tail tip highlights)
  • Classic reverse
  • Special
  • Special reverse
  • Full highlights

  • Optional ribbon on tail
  • 10 ribbon options
  • None (no ribbon)
  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Crimson
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Periwinkle
  • Teal
  • Purple


Will look weird with MXAO due to AO miscalculation, will look okay with RTGI and iMMERSE MXAO

Will look weird with depth based shaders (aDOF, Fog, etc)

You will need vanilla ears hider for both face and hair for Bellifontain ears


You can now redownload the updated version of this mod, to do so, you will need to:

  • Go to your "Payments History" page and find the transaction for "Wheel"

  • Click on the "View details" button to access your receipt & the download

IF YOU CANNOT FIND YOUR RECEIPT / ONLY HAVE AN EMAIL WITHOUT A LINK / ONLY HAVE A PAYPAL RECEIPT please join my Discord server and send a DM to the ModMail bot. This will create a ticket so we can get you your access to your items. If you do not have Discord, please send me a ticket through my contact form with all the information you have on your purchase.

Don't panic, we will definitively get you access to your goods!

Public release: Vaulted

You will get a ZIP (1GB) file