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Clockup Flowers - Ears & tail

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Clockup Flowers

Ears & tail for Hyur Midlander, Highlander, Elezen, Miqo'te, female Roegadyn, AuRa, Hrothgar & Viera


Replaces tail 1 for Miqo'te, AuRa & Hrothgar

Replaces Tamamo Headband for Hyur Midlander, Highlander, Elezen, female Roegadyn

Replaces ears 1 for Viera

Ribbon colorset:

  • Row #1 fabric
  • Row #2 gold accent


  • Ears & tail
  • Ears & tail + ribbon
  • Tail only
  • Tail + ribbon
  • Ears only (Hyur, Elezen, female Roegadyn & Viera)
  • Highlights options for ears & tail separately


Will look weird with MXAO due to AO miscalculation, will look okay with RTGI and iMMERSE MXAO

Will look weird with depth based shaders (aDOF, Fog, etc)

Only female & male Miqo'te ears are animated (using vanilla ears bones)

Ribbon cannot be dyed, but its color can be changed with colorset

Hyur, Elezen, female Roegadyn and Viera have the Ears only option for those who don't want the tail

Viera female & male do not have the ribbon option

Hrothgar do not have the ears option

Miqo'te female & male will need vanilla ears hider for both face and hair

Viera vanilla hairs will need a modded version to fill the ears holes

Hyur (midlander & highlander), Elezen, female Roegadyn & Viera require IVCS custom skeleton

You installation priority order should be:

  1. Body base (TBSE or Bibo+)
  2. [IVCS] Illusio Vitae Custom Skeleton Base
  3. [IVCS] Unique Racial Bodies Base
  4. IVCS for your body base (TBSE, Bibo+ or any other variant)

Priority numbers can be whatever you want them to be, I recommend using negative values for bases.

Ex: for Penumbra users

(-10) Bibo+

(-8) [IVCS] Illusio Vitae Custom Skeleton Base

(-6) [IVCS] Unique Racial Bodies Base

(-4) IVCS for your body base

So you will not encounter conflict with makeup, texture, clothing mod as long as they are 0 or above

Hyur (midlander & highlander), Elezen, female Roegadyn & Viera will need animation swaps to have tail animations

For races/genders not having a custom animation pack available, you can use the vanilla animation swap & swap your animations for either Miqo'te or AuRa.

Swapping doesn't work for Elezen as they have a different skeleton base than Hyur, for female Elezen I recommend the custom tail animation pack, for male Elezen I don't have options available to my knowledge.

Public release: Vaulted

You will get a ZIP (122MB) file