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Bunny ears for female Viera & female Miqo'te


Replaces ears 1 (Udongein & Tewi) and ears 3 (Reisen) for female Viera.

Replaces tail 1 for female Miqo'te.


  • 3 different shapes (Udongein, Reisen, Tewi)
  • Inner ears fluff highlights
  • VIERA:
  • Working ear slider for Udongein and Tewi variants
  • Ears weights for Udongein & Tewi variants
  • MIQO'TE:
  • Ears weights with no clipping for Udongein variant


Reisen & Tewi variants are showing uneven curves of the mesh.

Will hide Miqo'te tail.

Miqo'te will need a ear flap hider.

Does not work nicely with MXAO.

Can show blending with ADOF.


You will get a ZIP (43MB) file