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Livi Talbot series 3.5

It’s not always whirlwind international danger and adventures for single mom and treasure hunter Livi Talbot—this time, fun’s a little closer to home when she accepts a blind date set up by her brother. A perfect storm leaves her without a babysitter—at least until Dale West arrives at her door and is willing to watch her daughter for a few hours.

But even the nicest evening out can take a sharp downturn fast: Livi and her date are abducted, bound, and dragged to an abandoned farmhouse outside of the city.

No one is coming to save her.

Her date isn’t much help.

And the kidnappers? Well, they’re merely henchmen. The real boss is on their way—and Livi’s not sure she’ll survive long after they arrive.

For Livi Talbot, of course even an ordinary first date is going to end badly.
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Emperor's Tomb


Livi Talbot - Vol I


Solomon's Seal


Shiva's Bow


Counterpoint: ALWAYS Kill a Boy on the First Date


How the Werewolf Stole Christmas


Hauntings: Two Tales of the Paranormal


Yampellec's Idol


Odin's Spear


Ashford's Ghost