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Severed Souls: Case No. 2 (The Frontenac Sisters: Supernatural Sleuths & Monster Hunters)

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When friends become strangers, anyone can be a killer.
It's the perfect time to murder someone. An ice storm has shattered the Adirondacks into a million pieces. There's no power and the roads are impassable. There are no police. Just Hyla and Lizeth.

The sisters are trapped with ten neighbors in one house, including Jimmy Lamarche, his secret girlfriend and her jealous husband. So when Jimmy and his teenage son trek into the shattered landscape and don’t return, every finger knows where to point.

But there are no bodies and no blood. Only bullet holes in the ice and a strange man in the woods. A man who knows Lizeth. A man who has all the answers…impossible answers.

And Lizeth must listen, because if she doesn’t, Jimmy and his son could be lost forever.
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