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The Shadow Mind: Case No. 4 (The Frontenac Sisters: Supernatural Sleuths & Monster Hunters)

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Everyone has a dark side. Some are darker than others.
Monsters don't just live in your nightmares. They stalk daily life, seeking prey to sate their hungers. They’re the prickle along your spine and the dread in your gut. You can't escape them.

Hyla and Lizeth thought they'd fought every kind of monster. But they haven't seen anything yet. When a dozen people are killed in one night, united by the same gruesome ritual, the sisters are introduced to a strange and prolific serial killer. A monster in man's clothing.

As the dead pile up and the mystery deepens, the sisters begin to fear they've met a foe they can't defeat. A killer with unprecedented reach, a hidden power, and an insatiable appetite.

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