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Nobody's Library vol 1 (ebook)

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The Great Library has been derelict for years, its precious books scattered across the worlds, its mages, scholars and librarians long gone - until now. One mage has returned, and to him falls the task of restoring what has been lost. But he will find himself collecting more than just books...

When Inric came back to the Great Library, he was looking for peace and quiet, not a quest. He certainly wasn't intending to get involved with people again. Especially not people in other worlds. People who won't understand. People like Mina, schoolgirl and helper at her local library, where a certain book has taken refuge. Mina loves the books, and she’s heard the rumours about book thieves, so when she sees a suspicious figure one night, she doesn't hesitate. Breaking curfew, she goes to defend her library - and comes face to face with a figure out of legend, one of the powerful mages who shaped her country and her culture hundreds of years ago.
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