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Milo's Christmas Mystery, audio book

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 Can you image having your home stolen?

 The Fairbanks sisters look after each other and their neighbors, and when someone tries to scam her neighbor out of her home, Holly jumps right in to help.

Hi, I'm Milo. Cat Extraordinaire to the Fairbanks Sisters. I look out for each of the sisters and help guide the use of their special connection to nature. Take Holly; she senses changes in the air before it happens, but even she's not ready for the coming changes.

Fraud, Murder and the return of her Ex. It's a lot to deal with, especially when she would rather enjoy the Christmas preparations going on in town. But friendship, both old and new, push her to become involved and motivated to solve the murder an old friend is being framed for.

 Holly relies on her knowledge of the small town and its assortment of gossipy residences to solve the mystery and in the process makes a few new special friends. Christmas has never had so much adventure for Holly.

But will she and Milo survive the adventure?

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