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Mac is hearing voices again, and this one wants to ruin Christmas!

In Grinchy Voices, the fourth book in the enchanting Storm Voices series, Mackenzie "Mac" Aldkin is faced with a new challenge: a voice determined to wreak havoc on the festive season.

In this cozy paranormal mystery filled with humor and heart, Mac and her friends race against time to uncover the identity of the disgruntled voice before it destroys the town's Christmas celebrations. From stolen ornaments, runaway boats, and misplaced farmyard animals to the purloined skunk, Mac has her hands full. Yet, deep down, she would rather rekindle the man's Christmas spirit than involve the police.

With help from unusual sources, Mac wonders if the fairy queen, Shaylee, can control the mischievous pixies long enough to save the day. Set against the backdrop of a lively South Florida holiday season, Grinchy Voices is a whimsical, warm, and witty adventure that explores the true meaning of Christmas.

Will Mac succeed in restoring the Christmas cheer, or will her first holiday with Peter end in disaster?

Get your copy of Grinchy Voices today and join Mac on her quest to rescue Christmas from the clutches of a grinchy voice!
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