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It's happening again! In Lost Voices, the thrilling third installment of the Storm Voices series, Mackenzie "Mac" Aldkin is only beginning to accept the consequences of a lightning strike that left her with a feathered scar around her ankle and the chilling ability to hear the voice of a killer.

Set along the enchanting southern coast of Florida, Mac's life is filled with fairy kisses, a blossoming romance, new friends, a mystical kitten, and the excitement of the Christmas holidays. But when she suddenly hears two distinct voices—one brimming with love and the other consumed by fear—her world is once again turned upside down.

The kidnapping of little Tommy at a beachside playground in broad daylight reveals the fearful voice's owner. But who does the second voice belong to: kidnapper or protector? As all clues lead to the waterfront, Mac and her boyfriend Peter race against time to find the missing boy before it's too late.

In this heartwarming holiday paranormal cozy mystery, old friends reunite, secrets come to light, and Mac wonders if she isn't the only one sensing the mystic forces guiding them towards Tommy. Unravel the mystery and embrace the magic of the season with Lost Voices. Get your copy now and join Mac and her friends on their extraordinary journey to uncover the truth behind the lost voices.

PLEASE NOTE: This audiobook was created with an AI (artificial intelligence) voice. Sample available before purchase. Thank you!

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