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2020 Advent Ornament KALendar Pattern

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2020 has been horrible. Usually I do my Advent Ornament KALendar as a mystery with 25 days of instructions, sending a new clue every day. In 2020, that seems like too much to handle. Daily emails would be too much input on our already-stressed systems, too demanding.

This year you get the full instructions for all 3 ornaments at once, for you to make whatever you want whenever you want. Each ornament is relatively small and simple and can be done in a night or two even after a day of Zoom meetings or dealing with the public.

This year there are 3 ornaments. Each can be knit using dpns or a circular needle. Each ornament is a little thing to knit with your leftover sock yarn.

What this year’s ornaments have in common is use of picots - stitches cast on & bound off right away - to make the shapes.

Skills used:
short rows in garter stitch (wrap & turn, no picking up wraps)
some sewing to assemble

Yarn requirements:
Color suggestions: white & greens

A heavier weight yarn could be used and will give you bigger ornaments.

Additional supplies:
sewing/yarn needle appropriate for assembly
optional seed beads or coloured yarn for embellishment post-knitting
small ring(s) for top of ornament(s) if desired
You will get a PDF (472KB) file

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