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Ultimate Digital Bundle

Here's what you get in the Ultimate Digital Bundle:

High Performing Ads
(e-book and audio book)

INTERNATIONAL AWARD WINNER, 2019 (Toronto, Magnetic Entrepreneur Author Awards)

Tired of your ads not working? What if you have a tiny ad budget or none at all? Do you feel like you're wasting your time, energy, and money on commercials that get no response? It is time to fix your advertising, and get your business on the right track.

If your ads aren't getting traction, odds are there are very simple - yet easily fixed - errors that business owners and marketers like you are making because you just haven't been told the truth about advertising. This book will tell you what the ad agencies don't want you to know.

You'll learn:

- Send The Wrong Message and You're Dead: What's the one thing your business is known for? It may not be what you think. Poll your customers, and you'll be shocked at the results. In your advertising, telling the world about your latest product is not always the best strategy.

- Destroying Advertising Myths And Stereotypes: Do your commercials contain both a phone number or address AND your website? This is a common (and KILLER) mistake. You'll discover why this is actually driving people away from your business.

- 10 Time-Tested Strategies to Achieve Exponential Growth: The brutal truth is nobody cares about awards and how many years you've been in business - except you. Don't brag to your audience, help them. You'll learn exact phrasing and methods to accomplish this.

Topics covered include:

"1+1+1=1": Learn how you can use Tim's go-to formula for your advertising, and implement it TODAY.

"The Counter-Punch": What do you do when your ads become wildly successful, and your competition notices? How will you react? This book tells you exactly what to do no matter your niche.

"The $20 Audience Test": Tim spent $20 on a social media campaign to double-check the target audience for a specific product he is helping promote. The results were not what he thought. Learn this powerful secret - and the surprising test findings. He'll show you exactly how to do this easy test for your social media advertising.

"Why Radio & Television Station Sales Reps Shouldn't Write Your Commercial": One reason...their main job is to make money for their employers - not you. You'll see how costly this can be - and how to avoid it.

After spending 25 years in radio broadcasting (the last 16 of those with CBS Radio), Tim decided to step away from corporate America, and go directly to you, the small business owner and marketer with his powerful, proven advertising strategies. These are designed to crank up your advertising - fast.

Inside A Buyer's Mind

When your advertising, marketing, and branding is so solid that it commands the attention of your targeted audience, your business will be recalled first in their mind.

This is not a theory, this is a FACT.

If YOU ARE NOT FIRST in their mind, they will look at - or go to - whomever IS first. That is where and when the vast majority of buying happens.

Isn't that where you want to be?

But HOW do you get there?

This book will show you HOW to plant images in their minds that are stronger than steel. If you don't do this, your advertising dollars will have to work harder, or worse...go to waste.

Why Don’t They Buy From YOU? Let's make sure they do!

When the people who receive your advertising and marketing messages don’t (or can’t) transfer your business (or “brand”) from their short-term memory to their long-term memory, you lose.

“Inside A Buyer’s Mind” will give you the keys to make that critical move in their head. If that process isn’t done, why – and how – will they ever buy from you?

What you’ll learn:

Why you should fire your advertising and marketing “expert” if they say the purpose of your ad is just to “get attention“
What your potential customers and traffic are really thinking, and why they end up buying from your competition
How to plant the strongest, most powerful image about your business directly in their long-term memory
Powerful and easy to implement words and phrases that move people from “No thanks,” or “I’m just looking” status to “OMG I gotta have that!"

That’s just the start.

After you read this book and implement what is in it, your ads, marketing, and messages should become unforgettable.

A Kick In The Ads 

(ebook and audiobook)

If your marketing and advertising isn't bringing in the sales that you expect, you need A KICK IN THE ADS.

Ready to ramp up your sales? It all starts with your advertising and marketing message.

A successful ad is comprised of three parts:
An effective marketing message
Delivering that message to the right audience
Constant, consistent, relentless repetition
Most businesses get #2 and #3 above correct. But #1 - the message - in most marketing and advertising is usually a complete mess. The message is confusing, muddled, and usually buried under worthless words and phrases.

A KICK IN THE ADS focuses on one thing: fixing your marketing message QUICKLY, so YOU can start making SALES.

Each page is its own chapter, containing a marketing and advertising principle, guideline, strategy, or unbreakable rule. These are the same mantras I follow when creating any advertising for any business.

While it may not be the thickest book you'll own, it might just be the most powerful.

In fact, I advise you not to just skim through it. You should do a full stop at the end of each page, and think about how you can apply what's on the page to your particular situation.

A KICK IN THE ADS has over 50 of my personal rules and guides in it, which have generated well over $50 million in sales globally. 

But like anything else in life, this info only works if you apply it.

This might be the most unique marketing book you'll ever read...and want to have with you at all times.

When you get A KICK IN THE ADS, you'll never look at your marketing and advertising the same way again.

Just make sure to get your copy before your competition does.

p.s. There is a BONUS included inside the book (3 marketing and advertising strategy videos) that are worth $997. And they're INCLUDED with your copy of A KICK IN THE ADS.

Get all 6 and SAVE!!

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  • MP3 (276MB)
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  • MP3 (88MB)
  • MP3 (79MB)
  • PDF (790KB)

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