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The Culture of Balinese Cuisine | March - April 2023

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Why should we uplift and celebrate regional cuisines? Well, because cuisine is culture, and culture is identity. In an increasingly homogenous and globalising world, it is important to hold on to the unique factors of our different identities.

In this edition of NOW! Bali we share with you the many facets of food on the island, from exploring how culturally-ingrained cuisine really is, to a special kind of food — those made for the gods! We share as well the eclectic collection of restaurants one will find across Bali, leaning towards those that have a local influence but not exclusively, as again, variety is what makes the dining scene here so incredibly enticing: flavours for any palate and any occasion.

Our March-April Edition also features an exploration of Bali's north coast, an area rich with history, holy sites and hot springs! We visit a unique 'museum' in Karangasem celebrating Bali's 'circle of life'. Plus, our wine contributor savours Bali's chocolate creations (with wine, of course).

In our culture section, our contributors share the stories of two island maestros: Prof. Dr. I Made Bandem, dancer, scholar, author extraordinaire; and I Gusti Nyoman Darta, whose ink drawings pay homage to the legendary I Nyoman Lempad (to whom he is related).

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