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Heir of Tanaris (A Novel of Tehovir)

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The evil of his past. The great promise of his future. And the love that shapes his destiny.

As a young boy, Davian was sold into slavery at Source Makarsk, a wellspring of malign, corrupted magic. Over the years, he has risen in the ranks of the slaves, but he knows he will never be anything but a slave – until an elderly wizard, a prisoner at Makarsk, gives him an astonishing gift. Desperate to find the destiny promised by the gift, Davian risks his life to escape from Makarsk.

Isamina, a healer at Sharan, a Source of healing magic hidden deep in the wild Crown of the World Mountains, has a talent for soothing patients' fears and pain. But her ability to touch broken minds and spirits is strictly forbidden at Sharan, and the path of her life has already been decided by her parents, the Master and Matron of Source Sharan, and the man they want her to marry.

When a badly-injured runaway slave is brought to Sharan, Isamina is captivated by the man she senses deep beneath the evil magic that still holds him prisoner. Determined to heal his tormented soul using her forbidden gifts, she discovers that he is far more than a fugitive slave; he has a magical gift that could bring badly-needed healing to the mountains, if only she can teach him to use it.

Hunted by Makarsk's fearsome Guardian, Davian must find a way to defeat the powerful magic that binds him to Source Makarsk. He and Isamina must risk everything so that he can fulfill the destiny the old wizard promised him and become the great healer the people of the plague-torn mountains need him to be, and to claim a love and a freedom neither of them had never dared to dream of.

Epic romantic fantasy for adults. Contains violence, mild to moderate sensual content, and disturbing themes.
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