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Carrie, Elise and Roger. Young Woman's Erotic Diary

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This erotic story contains graphic sensual descritions and is unsuitable for minorsw or those who may be disturbed by this.  

Another story by the young Abigail Andrews, a new chicklit author on the erotic scene.


   But back to now and me. I’m Carrie White, blonde, petit and attractive. Or at least that is what they tell me, family, friends and lovers. I enjoy dancing, shows and eating. I’m a pizza queen, but I go for food from around the world. I left school and went to college for a year to study Hair and Make-up but I didn’t learn anything new so I left.
   I took a job promoting and merchandising. That meant standing in a departmental store or supermarket giving away samples or doing a make-up make-over. It was OK and I was doing what I liked, meeting new people and having fun. Wasn’t really like work.

This story is where I am on holiday in Spain and meet up with an older couple, Elise and Roger. Elise is a wheelchair user, paralysed from the neck down after a car accident. Roger is frustrated. Will I be able to satisfy him and dispel his frustration? THe answer lies in the book . . buy now.

These stories are best read in private or with your favourite person between the sheets with scented candles giving a soft glow. 

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