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Carrie's Erotic Diary Vol Two

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The Carrie White Erotic Diaries are a series of short sensual adventures from Carrie’s point of view. Each story in the Volume Two is a stand alone experience but they are linked through her friends and her work. This volume tells how Carrie went on vacation to Spain and enjoyed every moment.Carrie sets off on her vacation in Spain. She meets up with a handsome stranger on the train, the plane and at the hotel. Will she finish up sharing his bed? Carrie meets a couple enjoying a vacation in the sun. Elise is wheelchair bound and unable to give her husband the sexual enjoyment they shared before her accident. Has Carrie a solution to their problem? Tim is Carrie’s friend with benefits back in London. As soon as he discovers she has left for vacation without him, he jumps the next flight to be with her. Will she be pleased to see him or angry that he’s turned up. Will she fuck him or chuck him? Carrie and Tim bump into a couple who are members of the same London based Sex Club. They are invited to a sex party the following day with a dozen others. See how they relish the orgy that follows in the sun-drenched deserted cove. Carrie gifts Tim an attractive young receptionist at the hotel where they stay and they enjoy a threesome sex romp that leaves Tim exhausted but very happy. This story should be read in private and best shared with your favourite person with scented candles.
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