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Taboo: Please Sirs, Help Me Pass College Erotic Adventure

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Natasha, an overseas student at university speaks perfect English but her written work is not so good. Can she get extra tuition from her professor tutors? She is slim and attractive. Will they set out a deal that takes advantage of her alluring assets? Read on and enjoy. Best read alone in a hot scented bath.
EXTRACT: But they never went further and talked about their activities until one Thursday when one student came in with a few guys. She smiled across as they all went to the bar. The two smiled back.
“She’s got great breasts under that sweater” John said.
Bill looked at him with questioning look. “You’ve seen them?” he asked.
John hesitated “Well actually . . .” and his voice trailed off.
“I have too” Bill cut in. “She is incredible” he added.
It transpired that they had both enjoyed her during the year. She’d given John a blow-job and Bill had fucked her. It didn’t take many more chats before they decided that they’d like to enjoy a girl together. Make her into a hot sexy sandwich.

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