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In these dificult times, a warm welcome to the 36th issue of the arts magazine Inspirational. It is at times like this that we need to be calm, positive, forward-thinking, so that when we do come out the other end of this phenomenon, which we will, we can move forward. Hopefully, we will learn lessons, and be better individuals, and make a better world to come. As editor of Inspirational I thought it vital to keep the magazine going, to keep it on time, to keep it about great conctemporary art and artists from around the planet, just as always.
So, we have the work of seven of the best contemporary artists from around the planet, sharing the disciplines of photography, filmmaking, collage, painting, sculpture, and the conceptual. We have three in depth interviews with three contemporary artists: UK based fine artist, experimental filmmaker, and performance artist Lee Campbell; India based fine art painter, sculptor, video and conceptual artist Shivani Aggarwal; and India and US based fine art painter Birendra Pani. We also have the featured portfolios of four contemporary artists: UK based fine art photographer and digital artist Chris Northey; India based fine art painter Asif Sharief Shaikh; Germany based fine art and mixed media artist Christopher James Kappeller; and UK based fine art photographer Manel Ortega.

Cover artist for this issue is Manel Ortega.
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