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Walk in Chicago # 4, the Magnificent Mile and the Gold Coast

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Walk in Chicago # 4, the Magnificent Mile and the Gold Coast, is the last of 4 walks that explore the more touristy parts of downtown Chicago and some off-the-beaten-path locations. It is also the one that goes to the most upscale neighborhoods of the city.


It ends a little before the start of Walk in Chicago # 6, Lincoln Park and the Lakeside, and asks you to take a bus back because there is no subway nearby (use an app like Citymapper to find out which bus to take depending on your next destination). It goes through so many places that might hold your attention for a while (shops, malls, several museums, other tourist attractions) that it's not sure you can do it all in one go but if you stick to what the description suggests, it is about 3 miles and will take you 2 to 3 hours!

You’ll get a 6 pages pdf with a clickable map showing you the way, a list of highlights, steps by steps instructions for your walk, info about unusual places to visit, location of restrooms and places to sit, and 8 photos taken along the way.

”[...] almost as if going on a tour with a friend". Extract from a university research paper about one of the Boston tours written by Mackenzie Tobor, March 2023

You will get a PDF (682KB) file