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Flight Delay Shawl - PDF knitting pattern

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Big squares make for great wraps because there are so many ways to wear them. With the colour blocking on Flight Delay, you can wear it folded so the colours stripe vertically and show all 4 colours, folded so that two colours show per side and you have two looks, or folded as a rectangle and slanted colours showing.

I used a silk noil yarn that loves to lay flat, so I leaned into the rustic vibe and did no treatment for the edges.The corner-to-corner construction of this one means you can maximize yarn usage, play around with sizing, play with how many colours you use, and mess around with how thick the stripes are.

I dreamed it up as my perfect travel knitting project this year. No matter what came at me, this project was always the right knitting. Jet lag? Conversations in my second language? Snatching a row here and there in the middle of a day of sightseeing? It’s simple and easy to pick up, and it’s more than enough knitting, no matter how long the flight delay!

Skills Used
•knit and purl
•k2tog, ssk
•M1L, M1R

Width: 47” / 119.5 cm Depth: 54” / 137 cm
easily customizable

4 cones ITO Kinu (100% silk); 465 yd. / 425 m per cone
C1: 384 Snow Gray
C2: 386 Gray
C3: 385 Light Gray
C4: 358 Lemon

This pattern has been tech edited and test knit.

(Technically, this isn’t a square. Stockinette is a rectangular stitch (unlike garter, which is square), so while blocking will really help square it up, you probably will end up with something very nearly a square but not quite, just as I did.)
You will get a PDF (1MB) file

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